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Naturelix Detox Bath Pro-Dog Shampoo Conditioner for Dog Groomers- 5 Litres Bulk Pack

Rs. 5,460.00 Rs. 7,800.00

Detox Bath-Pro is formulated to meet the high-performance needs of such professional Dog Groomers. It provides consistent cleansing and coat conditioning results on all types of dog breeds to achieve Dog Spa grade grooming for your clients.

Spa Grade Dog Shampoo for Professional Dog Groomers

If you are Professional Dog Groomers you need a Pet Shampoo that meets your special requirements along with superior functionality at your Pet Spa.

Apart from superior Coat Conditioning and De-tangling benefits, Detox Bath-Pro offers convenience in time, efforts, and savings of money for a professional dog Spa setup. 

More so, as a Dog spa, it is important to manage cost viability when it comes to bathing hundreds of dogs every month and yet, keep your four-legged friends and their hoomans happy.

Hence leading Dog Groomers at Dog Spa’s prefer a Pet Shampoo that is safeconvenient to use, and provides superior yet consistent results for every breed that they groom.

Consistent Results for all type of coats

  • Superior Coat Conditioning
  • Easy Detangling
  • Longer Deodorising Effect
  • Deep Cleansing & Easy to Rinse Off
  • More Dog Bath’s Per Pack

Detox Bath-Pro is a conditioning shampoo. It means that a groomer need not use a separate conditioner for medium-long coat breeds. A single application is adequate to bring out the best results for most pets




We Care for The Nature

Our mission to care for natural resources is expressed through our products that are made using sustainable natural ingredients.

Naturelix Eco Wash technology, is engineered to consume ‘Less Water Per Bath’. Our pet Shampoos are designed to lather easily and are washed away quickly, thus saving precious water per bath.

The Eco Wash technology also provide ‘More Bathing Per Bottle’. Which means an average Naturelix Conditioning Shampoo lasts longer than most other available shampoos. 

Saves Environment, Money & Time.

Discover Eco Wash Technology

How Naturelix products are different from other pet shampoos?

Majority of pet bathing products are only Shampoos. Which means they are not effective in providing good conditioning or coat care. Whereas, Naturelix Detox Bath, SPA Care, Gentle Care and Feline Care are not just Shampoos, but they are Conditioning Shampoos.

Naturelix dog shampoos are suitable for all types of coats, like short or long coats. Carefully chosen Natural Polymeric Conditioner helps in detangling of coat for easy grooming. Regular use of Naturelix Dog & Cat Conditioning Shampoos helps in maintaining a soft feel of the coat and restores natural lustre (shine) of your pets.

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