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FAQs- Pet Hygiene Care Decoded

  1. How are Naturelix Dog Shampoos different from other pet shampoos?

 The majority of pet bathing products are only Shampoos. Which means they may provide cleansing but do not offer any coat care. For the overall wellness of your dog, it is important to maintain not only skin hygiene but coat conditioning as well.

  • Naturelix Detox Bath and SPA Care are not just Shampoos, but they are conditioning shampoos. Scientifically developed Naturelix formulae, do the most effective skin cleansing and coat care in one single wash. The natural conditioners we use enhance the health of the coat while sustaining a healthy look through feel and shine. 
  • The big advantage is, you do not have to use a shampoo and a separate conditioner during bathing. A great savings of time and effort.
  1. My Dog has recurring skin issues like itchy skin, dandruff and hair loss. Do you have a shampoo that helps such issues?

Given that a dog’s skin is much more sensitive than human skin, Naturelix shampoos are formulated with the mildest ingredients.

  • Naturelix is formulated to provide improvements in your pet's skin wellness. It contains special quality oats extracts, aloe vera, cedar oil, and other care ingredients. These ingredients are known for their immense benefits in restoring your dog’s skin health. 
  • The natural actives & conditioners carefully used by us help in managing rough hair & also restoring the natural moisturizing factor of the skin, thus enriching skin health.
  • Regular usage of Spa Care helps maintain the skin and coat wellness keeping away the skin-related issues. We believe healthy skin leads to a healthier coat.
  1. What makes Naturelix products safe?

At Naturelix, we built-in safety right from selecting the superior international grade natural ingredients that have proven safety records up to the manufacturing of the final products. 

  • All the ingredients in Naturelix products are human grade. We also do list all our ingredients on the label.
  • Unlike many other pet hygiene products, the Naturelix products are made in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO 22000 certified manufacturing plant. 
  • Each batch of Naturelix products is subjected to microbial testing to ensure safety for pets and humans.
  1. Can Naturelix Shampoos be used with flea control treatment?

All of our Shampoos are compatible with topical flea formulations usually recommended by vets for severe flea infestation. The Neem active used in our shampoos is a potent deterrent & is effective in keeping Fleas away.  

  1. Are Naturelix Shampoos safe for use on my puppy?

  • Dog skin pH is different from human skin. Our pet conditioning shampoos are pH balanced to suit your pet's skin. 
  • All our products are safe for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens over the age of 6 weeks. However, Naturelix Gentle Care is the mildest puppy shampoo for pets with allergies or sensitive skin. It is important to note that usually puppies below 6 weeks are not recommended for a bathing routing by most vets unless they have a medical condition that requires the same. 
  1. Are Naturelix products vegan-friendly?

We do not use any ingredients from animal origin. So be rest assured with your Vegan mission. All Naturelix products are vegan-friendly.

  1. How do essential oils benefit pet care? 

  • Essential oils are natural extracts that extend many wonderful benefits for pet skin. They also exhibit healing properties when used with proper care. 
  • Naturelix uses many essential oils such as Citronella, Rosemary, Cedar for skin and coat care benefits apart from body deodorization during bathing. These products are designed for topical use only. 
  1. Why use a special shampoo for pets and not a human shampoo or soap?

  • High alkalinity in most human soaps or even popular baby shampoos can cause irritation and loss of natural moisturizing factor in your pet. This can lead to skin and coat related issues over a period of time.
  • Also given different pH needs for humans and pet’s it is advisable to use a specialized pet shampoo for your pet. 
  1. What is a conditioner and how it helps in pet hygiene?

  • Conditioners are the ingredients that restore natural shine and luster of the coat, thus making the coat healthy and feel softer. 
  • Naturelix uses special natural polymeric conditioners that help in hair detangling and provides superior conditioning performance, compared to other synthetic conditioners commonly available in the market.
  • Use of Naturelix conditioning shampoo shows visible improvements in coat whitening and brightening of other coloured coats. 
  • Detox Bath and Spa Care conditioning shampoos work just fine for any kind of short and long coats. 
  1. Is Naturelix effective against harmful pests like Tick & Fleas in Dogs?

  • Naturelix pet conditioning shampoos like Detox Bath & Spa Care contains pure Neem oil, which is best known natural active against fleas. Their regular usage would help control the fleas. 
  • Detox Bath is designed to be further effective against Ticks by using the natural power of Citronella oil, best known for its pest deterrent properties.    
  1. What is the best way to use Naturelix pet conditioning shampoos?

  • Naturelix pet conditioning shampoos are designed to deliver several baths per bottle. The quantity of shampoo will depend on the size of the dog. The smaller breeds require small quantity whereas bigger breed requires a larger amount per bath.
  • Naturelix pet conditioning shampoo bottle comes with a calibrated pump to dispense approx 2 ml shampoo every time you press. It helps pump out the exact quantity of product every time so you know who long the bottle would last.