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We Care For The Envoirnment







Our mission to provide Ethical Pet Care is deeply rooted in our commitment to care for the environment. 

Hence, we are mindful of developing products that are not only functionally effective but also environmentally safe & made using sustainable natural ingredients. 

Saves 20% More Water

In present times with water scarcity looming large across the world, one of our key breakthroughs, the Eco Wash technology, is engineered to consume significantly ‘Less Water Per Bath’. 

Our chosen ingredients ensure that the benefits our products offer are delivered quickly. For instance, our conditioning shampoos are engineered to provide essential skin and coat benefits to your pet.  

In addition, the lather is easy to remove with less amount of water. Thus this contributes to saving precious water during each pet bath and helping the environment.

More Bathing Per Bottle

The Eco Wash technology also has another valuable benefit of providing  ‘More Bathing Per Bottle’. This means an average Naturelix Conditioning Shampoo bottle lasts longer than most other available shampoos depending on the breed size. 

More importantly, products like Naturelix Detox Bath, SPA Care, Gentle Care & Feline Care are not just Shampoos, but they are conditioning shampoos for dogs and cats.

This means there are almost 100% savings in time and money when you use the Naturelix Conditioning Shampoo range.