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Safe Ingredients | Safe Pets

Finding safe and effective pet hygiene products like Dog Shampoo is a nightmare for most pet parents. For most new pet parent's it all starts with an innocent question at a pet store, "Show me a good shampoo for my dog or cat". 

What starts from there is an endless search and trials to determine the best shampoo for your pet's skin and coat care. 

Unfortunately, like most pet parents you may have experienced, that it's not an easy task to find a safe and effective Dog or Cat Shampoo that delivers real benefits. It is difficult to identify Safe & Effective pet hygiene products unless you have an in-depth knowledge of various ingredients that are used and know the science behind the same.

Pet Hygiene that is Rooted In Results 

Our journey for Naturelix is rooted in our strong desire to offer Pet and Human Safe Pet Products. Naturelix is formulated and manufactured in India by Indian Technology Experts who have distinguished Global Patents in hygiene care product innovations for the past 30 years.

Our product innovations are engineered for safety right from the selection of sustainable natural ingredients and in each step of product development & manufacturing of final products.

Essentially, we curate the best of the natural ingredients Nature has to offer and combined them with proven scientific technology to innovate high-performance Elixirs.

To put it simply, Naturelix offers your beloved pet and you to choose Ethical Pet Care with real & sustainable benefits that deliver what we claim. 

Trust Naturelix and take another step towards ethical & responsible pet parenting.