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Pet Hygiene You Can Trust

It is an interesting statistic to note that most Dog and Cat parents try between 3-5 different shampoos or conditioners in the first one year of getting their pet home.

You as a pet parent may have the best intentions in your heart to provide quality hygiene care for your pet. However many times lack of adequate knowledge about your pet's hygiene care requirements can lead to choosing pet shampoos that are eventually harmful to its skin and coat.

Common Skin and Coat Issues in Dogs & Cats

For most pet parents like you issues like itchy skin, dry skin, or hair shedding and rough coats are common problems with your dogs or cats. To add to all this tick and flea repellency especially in dogs in the tick season is another challenge altogether. 

Unfortunately, it is common to come across pet hygiene products that make tall claims, without actually offering desirable benefits or even causing serious damages to your dog or cat's skin or coat. 

There is significant lack of standard regulatory norms when it comes to safety of pet care products in India and world over. Hence it is rather easy to make products that lack adequate safety for pets and humans and bring them to shelf to be used by innocent pets. 

Given the lack of above mentioned standards in both testing, ingredient sourcing and product development process, there are instances of Dog Shampoos and other such products carrying Carcinogenic (Cancer Causing) ingredients

Why Trust Naturelix?

Our journey for Naturelix is rooted in our strong desire to offer Pet and Human Safe Pet Products. Naturelix is formulated and manufactured in India by Indian Technology Experts who have distinguished Global Patents in hygiene care product innovations for the past 30 years.

Naturelix offers you to Care for your Pet’s Wellness with a Safe and Scientific approach based on the science of Natural Ingredients, that delivers real benefits. 

Designed For Safety

At Naturelix, we build safety in our products right from the selection of Natural Care ingredients up to the manufacturing of final products.

  • GMP & ISO Compliant Manufacturing Facility Meeting Human & Pet Safety Standards.
  • All our products undergo Microbial Testing of each batch to ensure safety for pets and humans.
  • Free from Harmful Ingredients
  • Paraben-Free

Our Mission is to provide pets and their Human caregivers with Ethical Pet Care products, while continuously raising the benchmark for Quality, Innovation, and Safety.

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