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Benefits of Gentle Care Dog Shampoo

  • GENTLE CLEANSING: Specially formulated natural care ingredients are scientifically balanced to provide gentle yet through cleansing necessary for your puppy’s skin and coat.
  • DELIVERS OVERALL SKIN AND COAT WELLNESS: Best quality natural ‘actives’ from Aloe Vera Barbedensis extract having high levels of active Mucopolysaccharides moisturizes the tender Puppy skin. Natural polymeric conditioners provide skin moisturization and coat conditioning naturally for all types of breeds.
  • INSTANT DEODORIZATON : Naturelix’s AROMA CARE technology containing pure natural essential oils helps control bad body odour. Puppy-friendly aroma levels provide a safe and effective bathing experience for young dogs.
  • pH BALANCED : Non pH balanced Shampoos could strip away your Puppy’s skin of its essential protective qualities. Ultimately non pH balanced Shampoo can be very irritating on your Puppy’s tender skin and lead to many skin and coat issues like dry skin or hair shedding. Since Naturelix Conditioning Shampoos are pH balanced, it helps natural actives to act upon your Puppy’s skin and coat. Hence it thereby delivers vital benefits for dog skin and coat nourishment.
  • SAVES MONEY: Each of our natural Pet shampoos provides 15 to 25 washes per bottle, based upon the size of the Puppy. Hence Naturelix Conditioning Shampoo lasts longer than most other available shampoos. ECO WASH TECHNOLOGY: Ensures adequate, easy lathering, and faster rinsing as well. This means you will get the desired cleansing and yet consume less water for rinsing.