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Benefits of Feline Care Cat & Kitten Shampoo for Persian Cats-Indian Cats

  • Sensitive Skin and Coat Care: It is observed that many Cats and Kittens have sensitive skin and are allergic to certain harsh chemicals. Naturelix Feline Care Cat Shampoo is a moisturizing shampoo conditioner specially formulated using natural actives and essential oils to suit the sensitive skin and coat care needs of your kitten or cat.
  • Natural & Safe ingredients: Milder cleansing based on vegan based cleansers. The calming effect of premium grade pure Geranium essential oil helps in relaxing kittens and cats. Likewise, safe and pure Clary Sage essential oil offers a pleasant aroma and natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Naturelix Conditioning Shampoos are formulated with human-grade care ingredients that are proven to be safe for pets as well as humans.
  • Super Moisturizing: Natural Active from Aloe Barbadensis and Colloidal Oats moisturize the sensitive skin of cats and helps in maintaining essential wellness of the skin. Well moisturized skin provides major relief in itchy skin and excessive hair fall issues.
  • Natural Coat Conditioning: The natural conditioners used in Naturelix Feline Care, deliver a superior de-tangling effect for cats with long coats like Persian cats.
  • Relief from allergy symptoms : Colloidal oats extracts with active beta Glucan soothes and calms irritated skin conditions.