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Does a Dog Shampoo that Foams more helps in cleansing during Dog Bath?

Posted by Vinayak Randive on
Does a Dog Shampoo that Foams more helps in cleansing during Dog Bath?

We often get to hear many enquiries about the relation between foaming of dog shampoo and cleansing of the dogs. 

Common Myth : Most pet parents and groomers tend to associate cleansing with the higher foaming. Essentially, it is a general perception that if a pet shampoo does not foam enough, during the bathing of dogs & cats it does not provide adequate cleansing.

Puppy Dog having bath with a lot of foam

Hence many dog groomers and pet parents have a tendency to use a higher amount of dog or cat shampoo just to increase the foaming.

However, scientifically this a just a myth and not the correct assumption.

In fact, if the shampoo is formulated scientifically with the right blend of ingredients even a visibly less foaming pet shampoo could be actually highly efficient in cleansing and delivering all the benefits.

Higher dosages of Shampoo usage can be harmful.

If the quantity of shampoo applied is higher than required, it can cause many skin and coat issues in dogs and cats.

More so, if your pet shampoo is difficult to rinse off quickly or worse if it remains on the skin after bath, it can cause itchy skin, irritation and even long-term damage to your dog’s health.

white dog having bath with a natural dog shampoo

For example, the cleansing ingredients not only take away the oils and grease from the outer surface of pet skin, but the cleansing ingredients could also penetrate deep in the skin.

Hence, over a prolong usage, such higher quantities of pet shampoo can take away essential ‘skin moisturizing factor’ present in the skin epidermis(skin layers) of pets.

This could lead to skin issues like dry skin, itching, hair shading etc. 

How to measure dosage of Dog Shampoo to be used ?

Best practices by responsible pet shampoo brands include guiding users on recommended usage of pet shampoos.

As the dog breeds differ in their sizes and type of coats, the quantity of shampoo required would vary.

For example, to address the need of using measured quantities for shampoos, Naturelix shampoo conditioner bottle is designed to dispense (pump out) an exact shampoo dosage as per the requirement.

Therefore, every time the user presses the dispenser pump, Naturelix Shampoo bottles use a specialised pre calibrated pump that dispenses approximately 2 ml of shampoo-conditioner.

For instance, when you press the pump 5 times; the pump will dispense approximately 10 ml of shampoo. This helps users to exactly determine the amount of pet shampoo that is being used for every wash.

The quantity of shampoo required may certainly vary depending on the size of the pet breed. Yet it makes measuring shampoo application usage a lot easier.

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